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The title could be a halfhearted call to ‘man up’ or it could refer to some dude’s location.  I suppose it doesn’t matter. These review roundups are less about clear segues, and more about amusing wordplay, funny pics, and a general quality sense of your current movie options.  If you want something else, consider reading The Other Guys (Rotten TomatoesMetacritic).

“A hilarious comedy that sails on absurdly-angry comic chemistry between Ferrell and Wahlberg and the sharp improvisational working relationship between Ferrell and his director-soulmate Adam McKay.” Jim Slotek Jam! Movies

In Hollywood, the best soulmates are between actors and directors (ie. Depp/Burton, DeNiro/Scorsese, Campbell/Raimi) because the audience gets to share in the affection.

“It’s a mixed bag with plenty of gags that fall flat, not a comic masterpiece. But it’s got tremendous zing, a sense of mischief and a big heart, more than enough to mark it as a delicious shot of caffeinated ice cream, and the summer season’s funniest comedy.” Salon.com Andrew O’Hehir

It’s not a comic masterpiece, it’s coffee ice cream.  It’s also clumsy metaphor.  What else is it?

“It’s a comedy of manhood for the age of emasculation.” Entertainment Weekly Owen Gleiberman

If the cultural pendulum swings towards machismo after the age of emasculation, men who work in offices may have to complete feats of strength to earn promotions.

“I’m pretty much ready to declare it will sweep the Oscars, cure cancer and repeal Arizona’s SB 1070.” Phil VillarrealOK! Magazine

I know we’ve been short on satisfying movies this summer, but that review smacked of dangerously unchecked optimism.

“Don’t let anyone spoil the wildly hilarious surprises. Ferrell and Wahlberg will double your fun. Guaranteed.” Peter Travers Rolling Stone

To avoid accidentally spoiling anything, let’s move on, get down, and Step Up (3D) (Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic)?

“Step Up 3D isn’t, in dramatic terms, a very good movie, but it’s the first film in a while to use 3-D as more than a marketing ploy; it points toward an original way of making a musical.” Entertainment Weekly Owen Gleiberman

It shouldn’t be called a musical without singing – this is more of a dancical.

“Would it be a better musical experience if when Gene Kelly splashed about in Singin’ in the Rain, you saw each drop of water bouncing towards you?” Brandon Judell Critics Inc./America Online

My first reaction was “Hell Yeah,” but the question is about the music, not the dancing.  That’s like asking, would putting Jurassic Park in 3D improve the acting?

“Of all the pitfalls potentially awaiting new freshmen at New York University, one I’ve never heard mentioned is the dance pimp.” Moira MacDonald Seattle Times

Muppimping ain't easy.

“Eye-popping dance-floor awesomeness and jaw-dropping dramatic awfulness combine to produce the must-see dumbest movie of the year and possibly even of the 21st century — and yes, I know we’ve still got nine decades to go.” John Beifuss Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

Your claim is that nothing dumber will come out in the next 90 years? I can’t tell if that’s unchecked optimism or pessimism.

“Between 3-D and regular viewing, the only way to see Step Up 3D is not to.” Mark Reviews Movies

The only way to make sense of that review is not to.

“The conventions of quality cinema just got served.” Thomas Leupp Hollywood.com

King Sheep wonders if the conventions of quality cinema have a means to respond.

3 Responses

  1. Is it bad that I didn’t hate the first Step-up?

  2. Nah. It sounds like the series has focused it’s attention on developing the dancing rather than the story. The root story was a better mix of both.

  3. What’s your favorite of the three dimensions? Mine’s width.

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