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Scotch and Cinema

We are missing a word in our cultural dictionary.  Let me define it first and if you know of a word that matches the definition, please put it in the comments section.

We all have friends who are into unique hobbies and activities.  Maybe its antique sword collecting, home brewing, or DIY candles; the hobby is something that seems strange or unusual from the outside looking in, at least to you.  But they are your friend and you want to like what they like (or at least understand it better), so you carefully you dip your toe in the pool of their passion (Apparently my hobby is bizarre phrase creation).  Perhaps you go with them to a specialty store or you help them complete a project.  Your previous views on the hobby dissipate as you begin to see it through your friend’s wide-eyed enthusiasm.  You begin to replace words like “strange” and “unique” with “cool” and “super double awesome.”  Suddenly, you find yourself defending the hobby against the preconceived notions of others and you realize, its your hobby now too.  What do you call this phenomena?  Pastime transference?  Amusement adoption?  I want there to be a word for it because it happened to me a few years ago when a friend named Jason Johnstone-Yellin introduced me to the world of scotch.  Before Jason, I had many preconceived notions about spirits and now I find myself pouring drams of whisky for friends without waiting to hear if they want to dip their toes in my passion pool.  So, while we’re waiting to coin a phrase, let’s look at the product of my hobby empathy – a recurring guest blog over at Guid Scotch Drink about intersections of Scotch and cinema.  Enjoy.

PDJ rejected the terms: craft craving and leisure pursuit looting.

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