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Of a Princess and a Teddy Bear

Several years ago, when Pat Rothfuss was my neighbor, he told our group of friends about a bedtime story he had told his girlfriend the night before. It started out as the kind of story that you tell to a drowsy six-year-old who’s afraid of the dark, all about a Princess in a marzipan castle. But by the time he got to the end, it was nothing like the beginning. As he says, the ending “had teeth.”

As a result, I was afraid to let my legs dangle over the edge of my bed for a week.

But I was so captured by the brilliant telling of the tale, that I started conceptual sketches almost immediately. That was the beginning of a long road that has finally lead to now. Yesterday, it was announced on the main website of Subterranean Press that “The Adventures of the Princess and Mr. Whiffle: the Thing Beneath the Bed” is now available for pre-order.

Not only is it available, but it is quickly becoming UNavailable. The limited edition prints are already sold out due in large part to Pat’s Legion of Fanatical Minions, and the trade prints are running out quickly. So, if you like good old-fashioned fairy tales, or if you’d like to support me and my very first fully-illustrated book, please head on over and order a copy.  It will go a long way towards making sure I produce more fully-illustrated books.

I wish I could form sentences of just how excited I am by all of this, but all I know are words and not much of the flowery and rhythmic ways of puting them together.  So, some choice words to describe my mood would be elated, ecstatic, over-joyed, boisterous, animated, pumped, rarin’, and superkalafragelistic. 

Thanks to everyone, and more to come as events warrant.

PS – You can see Pat’s blog on this and the cover of the book here.

4 Responses

  1. This is fantastic news, Nate.

    Sincere congratulations and I hope this is the start of something HUGE for you.


  2. I think this event might make you the new King. Time to polish the bells on my jester shoes…

  3. Jester Sheep? What a novel idea, though I think your position as King is secure. I’ll be too busy focusing all my time and energy on creating the Church of Nate where Nateites will come to pray for snow and give offerings of candy canes.

  4. Congrats, Nate!

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