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Jennifer informed her body that meatballs happen

Hello all,

A quick word about last weekend’s movies: once again, a Tyler Perry movie took the number 1 spot beating the nearest movie by over $10 million. Since it was released without any critical attention, I didn’t pay attention to it.  But, for those readers who like to hear movie news in this blog rather than offbeat humor, it is called I Can Do Bad All By Myself (Rotten TomatoesMetacritic) and was considered one of Perry’s best.  Now then, on to newer movies. With so few fall movies being universally loved, the variety of options can end up looking like mediocre buffet when you’re not hungry.  However, the first movie has more pies in the sky and pears in the air than any other: Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs (Rotten TomatoesMetacritic).


“It’s raining big food and big laughs in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, a hysterically funny and wildly clever new ‘toon that could just turn out to be the most purely entertaining and inventive animated comedy of the year.”  Pete Hammond Boxoffice Magazine

Is ‘toon making a comeback as a slang term?  Or perhaps he was saving time, by not calling it a computer generated narrative involving exaggerated humanoid proportions and cartoon expressions.

“Leaves us with is sporadic showers of laughs for kids under 10. That’s a shame, because the film could have been a delight for everyone, if only it hadn’t learned to behave.” The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Stephen Cole

It’s missing the hooligan spirit?  The punk perspective?

If the author didn't behave, it could have been called "Cloudy with a chance of knuckle sandwichs"

If the author didn't behave, it could have been called "Cloudy With A Chance Of Knuckle Sandwiches"

“The psychedelic-era Beatles would have loved this film.” Rene Rodriguez Miami Herald

Who can forget those Beatles classics: Lucy In The Sky With Dumplings and I Want To Hold Your Hoagie?

“A magnificently executed comic fantasy. After watching a parade of hamburger hail, ice cream snowball fights, and Jell-O kingdoms, the film is sure to leave viewers starving upon exit. Armageddon never looked so delicious.” Brian Orndorf BrianOrndorf.com

I look forward to the Yumpocalypse.  Next up, the former stripper turned screenwriter turned Academy Award winner, Diablo Cody, casts Megan Fox as a hottie who’s naughty in Jennifer’s Body (Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic).


“Two problems: Cody’s script is barely funny and what humor there is gets crushed by the heavy-handed direction of Karyn Kusama and the marginal acting skills of Megan Fox.” Marshall Fine Hollywood & Fine

That sounded like three problems: 1) Missing comedy 2) Odd directing 3) Bad acting.  Any other issues?

“Jennifer’s Body plays it safe and familiar. Juno would not be pleased.” Geoff Berkshire Metromix.com

4) A fictional character from the same creator hates it.

“There is within Diablo Cody the soul of an artist, and her screenplay brings to this material a certain edge, a kind of gleeful relish, that’s uncompromising. This isn’t your assembly-line teen horror thriller.” Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times

5) There is an assembly-line somewhere making teen horror thrillers, but Jennifer’s Body didn’t come from it.

Her tattoo says "if you can read this, you're too close stalker-boy!"

Her tattoo says "if you can read this, you're too close stalker-boy!"

“Cody still exercises her fastball now and again, aiming her one-liners toward the teen characters, who spit out the mallrat razzle-dazzle unconvincingly, as if reading the smeared verbal diarrhea off cue cards.” Brian Orndorf BrianOrndorf.com

6) Cue cards smeared with diarrhea (even the verbal kind) are gross.

“Fanboys get to drool over haughty, come-hither Megan Fox, playing the oversexed and undead title character. And fangirls get a feminist version of a genre that typically is made in the image of a male fantasy.” Duane Dudek Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

7) Megan Fox is a proudly go-thither undead feminist sexpot.

“About as formidable and entertaining as a case of blue balls.” Chris Cabin Filmcritic.com

8 ) Ummm…. Wait.  Are these my balls or someone elses?  Nevermind.  Let’s ignore that question and ask why the next movie has an exclamation point in the title:  The Informant! (Rotten TomatoesMetacritic).


“He’s never been one to indulge, but there once was a time when Soderbergh was able to please. Sadly, The Informant! never earns its exclamation point. It’s more of an ellipses motion picture.” Brian Orndorf BrianOrndorf.com

Matt Damon is The Informant… (the ellipses adds an unwritten ‘or is he?’ to the end).  Since there is debate over punctuation, the success of the movie must have split votes as well.  Let’s hear a Pro:

“A movie of chuckles rather than belly-laughs…but they really add up. In its unforced, loopy way, this is one of the funniest pictures of the year.” Frank Swietek One Guy’s Opinion

Funniest of the year!  Con…

“It’d be a tragedy if it weren’t so richly absurd, but it would also make for better comedy if the joke weren’t on us. The Informant! laughs so long and hard that it forgets to check whether we’re laughing along.” Ty Burr Boston Globe

Let me get this straight – I’m the punchline and the movie is laughing at me?

“Unfortunately, every laugh is bludgeoned nearly to death by Marvin Hamlisch’s jokey score of neo-James Bond riffs and 70s sitcom melodies; I liked the movie quite a bit, but by the end I felt as if I were at a live TV show with a blinking sign ordering me to LAUGH.” Chicago Reader J.R. Jones

Wait, now I’m being ordered to laugh at myself?   Okay, enough about who’s laughing at whom, I hear Damon is the biggest reason to see this movie.  Confirmation please.

These two guys should do a movie together

These guys could pass as brothers. They should totally do a movie together

“A comic tour de force from Damon, who gained 30lbs and sports an unflattering moustache as the dishonest and delusional Whitacre. But it’s a performance that never loses sight of the man behind the lies.” Premiere Mark Salisbury

You mean, the liar?

“Soderbergh takes a deadly serious news story and amplifies and colors it to the point of outrageousness. The results aren’t always consistent, but they are undeniably compelling.” Claudia Puig USA Today

Undeniably compelling sounds pretty good.  And it sounds better than the things critics said about the romancitic dramady with Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston: Love Happens (Rotten TomatoesMetacritic).

Love Happens movie poster

“One of those sticky dramas.” Boston Globe Ty Burr

There are a few film genres that can be ‘sticky,’ but drama isn’t usually one of them.

“The title is a good indication of this movie’s blandness and predictability.” The Hollywood Reporter Stephen Farber

Would the title be better if it was: Love With A Chance Of Happening?

“It might sound intriguing to root the saying, “Physician, heal thyself,” in the plight of a hypocritical self-help guru, but the romantic drama Love Happens suffers from acute irony deficiency.” Baltimore Sun Michael Sragow

Get them to the Humor Hospital STAT!

“There are no sparks, not the slightest sign of chemistry, between Eckhart and Aniston. They might be Hansel and Gretel wandering endlessly through tame thickets of feeling.” Kathleen Murphy MSN Movies

Cancel the hospital, get them to a gingerbread house.

PDJ thinks Hansel is so hot right now...Gretel, not so much

PDJ thinks Hansel is so hot right now. Gretel...not so much

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  1. You forgot “Here Comes the Bun,” “Hey Food,” and of course, “I Saw Her Eating Hair.” All classics.

  2. Love Happens? Does it?

    DOES IT?!?!

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