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Public Enemies (should be a title for some other movie)

public-enemies-johnny-depp-posterThere are many things wrong with this movie.  First off, the title is utterly forgettable, which is fitting considering that this movie follows the title’s good example.  But, criticizing the title is petty and there are far more deserving things to be criticized.

The second major issue with this film is that it is inconsistent with what it wants to be.  There are segments where historical significance and accuracy appear to be the point, and others where the movie hurries past interesting moments just when they become interesting.  Characters will look at each other knowingly, then one will say something that could lead to an exciting exchange and then CUT.  The tonal mish mash makes the film feel both slow and boring, while also being hurried and unsatisfying.  There are only a few effective scenes (a gunfight in Wisconsin and a bold walk through a police station by Depp’s Dillinger) and in between are a great depression of missed opportunities.

Third through fifth, the love story is bland, the action varies from forgettable to pretty good, and the characters are so empty you’d think it was your job to imagine why they deserve a movie.  There is blame enough to go around regarding its failures (sloppy pacing, uninteresting characters, and bland dialogue) and there were no actors that really shined or lines that were more memorable than what the preview offered.

While the style of the film is consistent and memorable, there just isn’t enough that works for this to be considered a good movie.  Dillinger is strong on impressive historical settings/costumes/ambiance and weak on characters, action, and humor.  Is that what you want out of a 4th of July weekend movie?  You’re better off watching the trailer and reading Dillinger’s Wikipedia page.

PDJ was not impressed

PDJ was not impressed


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  2. […] Enemies is the weekend frontrunner  (for my review check here) with its star power (Bale on Depp) and solid review score (Public Enemies: RT  60% – M  […]

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