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I saw JJ Abrams’ Star Trek on Monday. Spoiler alert: Spock is an alien. Yeah, wow.

My mom was the real proponent of Star Trek when I was growing up. All of us kids loved it, but I loved it. I bought all the novels I could, got Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise, and the Compendium. I made my own 3D chess board, carved a phaser out of driftwood, and made a TNG costume for Halloween. I was into Star Trek in a way that I can’t even comprehend at this disillusioned stage in my life. And yet, I never crossed into the next level, never attended a con wearing full regalia and bid on auctions in Klingon. Oh, but I have the dictionary for that.

I’ve seen folks write, “This is not your father’s Star Trek,” and I’ve seen people write, “This is your father’s Star Trek.” My personal opinion is that it is JJ Abrams‘ Star Trek. Unless your dad’s name was Roddenberry, I’m pretty sure that his possession or lack thereof regarding Star Trek doesn’t matter in the slightest.

And I like JJ Abrams’ Star Trek.  It’s fresh yet familiar, dramatic yet action-packed, square yet round, and lime yet lemon.  It’s all the things you want, and some of the things you’re not sure you want yet end up enjoying anyway.  So what is that?  Mountain Dew cough syrup?  Nutella and banana crepes?

Whatever.  It’s good.

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