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Hello, Loyal Readers,

In new news, a new Coming Distractions!  It’s actually just the first half.  Half 2 will be up a little later.  After some sleep.

Now the new business.  In between my night job and my side jobs, I’ve decided to start a little contest here.  If people like it enough, it might even become a regular thing.

Some of you might remember that a while ago, I made a t-shirt of the “If Jesus were here…” picture and put it up on Cafepress. Well, that shirt will be the prize of this first contest, which will actually lead to the second contest.

Here’s the way it goes: you comment below, and tell me what you think I should make into my next t-shirt. Bear in mind that it should be something I already own the rights to. While we’d all love to see my rendition of Wolverine vs. Captain Kirk, the sale of that image would land me in legal water hot enough to curl my eyebrow hairs.

There will be two contest winners this time around. First, one person drawn at random will receive an “If Jesus” shirt.

Second, whoever comes up with the best t-shirt idea will get a free one of those when I have them made.

The only catch is that you must have a valid e-mail address so that I can contact you.

Sound good?

Great! Contest ends in one week, so let the comments begin.


5 Responses

  1. Long time reader, tenth time responder. How about a king-sheep productions tee shirt? It could say things like “Sheer Genius sounds stupid. King Sheep Productions” Or “Not all sheep follow. Some just wander in the same direction as everyone else” Or “No one wants a shirt made from my wool. Seriously, it’d be gross” Or “Create Whimsy and Manic Hysteria. Or else I’ll say please.”

  2. I think it would be cool to see a shirt with all the little gods on it. Or Simon in full jaw drop ogling hot female.

  3. While the “Simon Oogling” idea sounds like such a winner, I’d like to see Simon spoof Star Trek. Maybe go with the old idea of calling them Quirk, Spook and Scooty. Ha!

  4. Happy Birthday OLD, OLD man! I don’t think I have a valid email address for you anymore, so had to add my two cents where I could find a spot:)

  5. I think I’m going to have to go with something more viral and mostly unknown. We’ve already branded a disc golf disc with the image, I suggest you go with the Deep Sixers Logo! Start piquing interest in an IP and create a demand for new Nate Taylor works!

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