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Castle Question

So I’ve been following the new mid-season start-up murder mystery TV series Castle (ABC Monday, 10pm Pacific).  It’s starring one of my favorite dramedic actors, Nathan Fillion, and has been doing a good job of entertaining me so far.  Entertaining, but maybe not challenging.

The setup goes like this:

Its worth as a source of stimulating mystery was called into question with this last Monday’s episode about a city councilman who turns up dead.  Now, I don’t usually get to watch Castle the night it actually airs because I work nights until about 10:30pm.  My wife, gracious and kind woman that she is, records Castle for me, then comes to pick me up (my car has a big hole in its exhaust pipe and I’m relying on public transit and my darling lady to get around). 

So, anyway, I come in and sit down on the couch, talking with Becky while the show plays on in the background.  After ten minutes of watching while maintaining a husbandly conversation, I say, “The wife did it.” 

Becky looks at me and says, “How on Earth could you know that?”

And that is an excellent question.  In my ten minutes of half-watching, I observed the following: the councilman was sleeping with a prostitute, he was being blackmailed, and his wife was on TV giving speeches about how much her husband loved the city.

So the question is this: am I a Holmsian genius of untapped mystery-solving potential, or was the show employing an exceptionally weak riddle? 

Either way, Castle is still on my Must Watch list for sheer character entertainment power, if nothing else.

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  1. I vote for the Holmes one.

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