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Irish Holidays and Vacuum Cleaners

I’ve been pretty incognito lately and decided it’s time to bring you all up to speed on what’s going on, and since it’s been so long, you get two weeks worth of funnies at once.  Here we go:

Last weekend, my wife got a long overdue (her words, not mine) haircut and decided to go for a Victoria Beckham style.


She had my full support.

Then, to celebrate the day that a Spanish priest threw all the snakes out of Ireland, my mother-in-law cooked a fantastic St. Patty’s day dinner of corned beef and veggies (cabbage was scarce, so we made do with brussel sprouts).


I was unable to detect the corn in the corned beef.

And I spent forever in a Michael’s trying to find a non-photo blue pencil.  No one there even knew what I was talking about.  It’s an art store for crying out loud!

I might as well have been asking for headlight fluid.

I might as well have been asking for headlight fluid.

Then, this last weekend, my wife and I took our hard-earned tax refund and bought a new vacuum cleaner.  One of the bagless “cyclonic power” ones.  It is now my official stance that a good vacuum should be a home/apartment/whatever-owner’s very first purchase.  Don’t bother with a coffee table, or enough shelves to hold all of your crap, or 16 whisks.  We’ve been using a ghetto POS for the last three years, and this is what we got after the first run with the new vacuum cleaner:


Actual size. No lie.

I’m not exaggerating, this thing picked up enough hair, dust and lint to stuff two grown cats.  We would vacuum a room, then stop and look at the see-through cyclone canister where the junk was collecting, and say, “Ewwww!”  It was like that Calvin and Hobbes strip with the mud patch.

The rest of my weekend was spent working on portfolio, drawing, drawing, and drawing.  Drawing what?  Well, stuff like this and this and this:


I drew so long and hard that my eyes started bleeding and fell out.

Gross ickyness has been digitally altered to stars and rainbows for the faint of heart.

Gross ickyness has been digitally altered to stars and rainbows for the faint of heart.

So that’s what I do for a good time.  I hope you enjoyed this comic blog in a way that enriches your body, mind, spirit, and taste buds.

Edit: I finally have the infamous “If Jesus…” image available as a print.  You can find it here on Etsy and there’s a link in the sidebar for future reference.  Thanks for the support everyone!



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  1. Any opportunity to have more of your artwork in the world ‘has my full support’ as well. Nice work.

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