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This morning, I watched the premiere of Dollhouse on Hulu, and it was fantastic.  If you haven’t seen it yet, worry not, this post is spoiler-free.  No, this review is going to answer one simple question (which I believe is the purest purpose of any review): should you watch it? 

Dollhouse is the newest franchise from writer and director Joss Whedon, and it’s with no small amount of dread and irony that the show is airing on Fox.  For those who remember, Whedon’s last television foray, Firefly, was axed by Fox after a mere ten episodes. 

Yet they keep bringing him back.  Why?  Because he rocks.  Yeah, I’m biased.

Dollhouse has everything you would expect from a show Fox believes it’s viewers are most interested in: sexy women, popular soundtracks, and the requisite car chase (or in this case, motorcycle chase).  However, like the Shakespearian plays of old, these elements are used as the flashy lights necessary to draw the audience in. 

Once past the razzle-dazzle (and I’ll admit slightly clunky) intro, you’ll discover the more serious elements of human drama.  In the first episode alone, there is enough deception, hidden intentions, self-righteous avarice, and emotional trauma to power a Nora Roberts bestseller.  Add to that a healthy syringe of hints at larger plots and character backstories, and you have a master-crafted pilot episode which leaves you both satiated and curious for more.

Joss Whedon has again shown his knack for creating deep and interesting characters and worlds.  But there is only one group that determines whether the show will be around next season: Fox executives.  Do they possess the courage to stick with a high-quality program?

I certainly hope they will this time.

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