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A New Year of Possibilities

So 2008 has finally gone, and I’m sure many of us are glad to see it go, shifty-eyed and botom-dealing sheister that it was. I remember how hopeful we all were this time last year. Certainly, we didn’t think we’d be begging for menial labor employment from retail stores before the year was out. But out it is, fleeing into the night like a purse-snatching tweaker.

Still, it got good towards the end there (completely unlike the “Pirates,” “Spider-man,” and “Matrix” trilogies). Christmas was a blast despite repeated warnings from local news anchors that it was going to suck. It even managed to be a white Christmas, and dangerously so for those unaccustomed to winter driving, or cautious driving, or even driving in general, but I still loved it. It was my best Christmas present.

New Year’s was rockin’ as well, and with a brand new history-making president just inches from the White House, Aught-Nine is looking like a gorgeous redhead winking at you from across the room. Full of possibilities.

So in honor of this auspicious year, I’m making my New Year’s resolution a bit of a tribute. This year, I’m going to do something impossible, something that defies the odds. Perhaps we could all do that this year.

I would ask you to join me, but what would happen if everyone in the world completed an improbable achievement? Would the fabric of reality collapse if so many “against the odds” occurances happened within too short of a time span? Einstein argued, “God does not play dice with the universe,” so maybe it’s more like poker.

Deal me full boat, 2009, and let’s go on tour.

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