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Seasonal Affection

I’ve been trying to write a post for about two weeks now. I know that if I wrote a little more often, then I wouldn’t have to do these grand all-encompassing posts about everything I’ve been doing for the last two months, right?! Right.

So here goes: got a new job; it’s at Xerox, full-time, benies, more money, night shift hours (2-10:30pm); carved pumpkins,

went to work as a Boy Scout for Halloween,

ate myself to death at Thanksgiving,

played Wii Sports tournament-style against my new in-laws,

went to Snowflake Lane (nightly extravaganza put on by Bellevue Square to show everyone that they don’t believe in this whole “recession” thing),

especially the folks in this vintage Rolls Royce,

hit Bellevue’s “Garden d’Lights,” where workers spent 500 hours puting together, well, a garden of lights,

where it was actually snowing!

And, miracle of miracles, it’s still here today. That is how I roll at Christmastime.

Hope this Christmas finds you all in as high of spirits, and looking forward to the new year.



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