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Temporary Tyranny

Hello, all! In the next phase of my Plan for Employment, I’ve taken the index page for Ol’ King-sheep.com, and turned it into my own personal online portfolio. “But, Nate,” you moan lustily into my ear, “You already have a gallery of your artwork on the site.” A-ha! ‘Tis true, but there is a difference between a gallery and a portfolio.

A gallery — and I’m speaking of online galleries here, not stuffy marbled halls filled with pretentious paint daubs — is the equivalent of a shoebox you keep on your kitchen table where you throw everything you’ve done in the last ten years. It’s haphazard, cluttered, and entirely too full.

A portfolio, on the other hand, is the very creme de la creme of the gallery. It contains the artwork that you want to show people in order to impress them and get a job. Each piece should glow with enough artistic prowess to light an average-sized bedroom.

So that’s what I’ve turned the index page into. In fact, if you turn off the lights and go to that page now, the sheer brilliance should light your room. Go ahead. Try it.

With any luck, it will be just what someone is looking for in an employee. Cheers.

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