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RIGHT! So, the first week of summer classes went really well. I’m basically taking four courses, but I have only 2 instructors. One guy teaches three of them, and his name (get this) is John Gabriel.Yeah. Coincidence? Maybe. I know the Penny Arcade guys used to be based in the Bel-Red area, and this instructor is the head of what amounts to a “video game industry” curriculum at the college. So there is a thread of connection.

The first day of 3D Modeling class, he pretty much tells his life story from graduation to present, but pauses midway through and rings the “useless story” bell that sits on his desk. It’s a little “Serve the tea” bell like what you’d expect to find on your great-grandmother’s nightstand. That bell has been rung every day since.

Don’t get me wrong, the stories are always a good listen and usually involve some piece of trivia from the inner sanctum of the game industry, so they’re worth their time. What else makes this class so awesome is what John calls “team-building exercises.” After lecture, after fiddling with Maya, and just when folks are starting to look at the clock and hope for an early release, he says, “Stay put. It’s time for some Call of Duty.”

Then we play LAN team deathmatch.

It makes sense. When you’re in a class to learn about creating video games, it’s important to experience the product you hope one day to make. Also, nothing builds camaraderie like assaulting the enemy stronghold. Many laughs ensue.

Alas, the downside is that I don’t have much free time left. Between classes and the top secret freelance project, my time is totally consumed and the result is that comics come in last. I’ll try to update as often as I can, but until then, blogging is about as good as I’ll get.


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  1. Dude. Playing Call of Duty for credit? Where do I sign up?

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