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The World is Just Awesome

Just like the Discovery channel commercial says. I haven’t put forth the effort to write down my own list of things I love about the world, but if I did, they would certainly include these:

I love guys who think segways need that extra level of safety.

I love following the sound of a helicopter to find a plume of smoke coming from my own apartment complex.

Yep. Apparently, one of the carpet-cleaning vans that always seem to be lurking around the parking lot had an equipment fire. The van and everything in it was a total loss. That building it’s right next to is a line of storage garages.

When the fire department arrived, they doused the flames, then cut open two of the garage doors next to the van to see if anything was on fire inside. Naturally, the sparks from chainsaws going through aluminum started the fire back up, and flames started shooting out from under the van like it was trying to launch into orbit.

Other casualties of the fire: the carport on the opposite side of the fire, and a cherry-red sparkling new Honda that some poor guy wishes he hadn’t driven home on his lunch break. All things considered, I’m guessing it was about a $50,000 fire. That was yesterday. I can’t wait to see what happens today.

Also, for those of you die hard fans who read this, tune in Monday for a little surprise.



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