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Gambling, hookers and a guy from that 70’s show

What Happens In Vegas
Audian Theater, Pullman WA
Admission $1
6:30pm 9:00pm

This week Pullmanites are treated to another ad for Sin City: What Happens In Vegas (6:30/9). While the reviews don’t make it look like a winner (28% positive), the men and women of the entertainment estate do provide us with a buffet of opinions and styles. First up, the critical linguist:

“During the screening, I tried to come up with as many synonyms for the word “excruciating” as I could.” Pete Vonder Haar Film Threat

Hopefully you came up with more than one. Next to him is the forgiving optimist:

“As far fetched as the idea of guy disgust as the ultimate aphrodisiac may seem, Cameron and Ashton as the designated lovebirds keep the kinky marriage shocks and surprises coming. Move over Knocked Up. A Sex And The Sin City Vegas jackpot.” Prairie Miller NewsBlaze

And the ying to his yang, the scary emo pessimist:

“Bland enough to make millions as culture edges closer to oblivion.” Ian Nathan Empire Magazine

Geez, someone get that guy a latte and some Prozac. Although be sure to moderate your doses of prescription mood stabilizers. You don’t want to end up so confused that you don’t know if you’re happy or sad, like this guy.

“Here’s a romantic comedy that is goofy, highly implausible, sometimes over the top, often in bad taste, and resolutely empty-headed. In short, it’s the best example of its genre to appear on the screen this year.” Philip Marchand Toronto Star

It’s not often you hear ‘implausible,’ ‘empty-headed,’ and ‘bad taste’ used as compliments. Too bad he didn’t use ‘excruciating.’ For FYI’s sake, what level of bad taste are we talking about? It’s PG-13 after all, so we shouldn’t have hairborne bodily fluids.

“For an idea of the level of wit, several gags are built around the name ‘Dick Banger’.” Lou Lumenick New York Post

Hehe. Okay, let’s finish with a straight-talking Abyss-drinking realist:

“Like many Vegas weddings, this mean-spirited “romantic comedy” only makes sense if you’re drunk.” Sean Means Salt Lake Tribune

Can do. See you Friday.

Pull Down = Jackpot!

Here’s the story in pictures:

We Win!


“Screw it, let’s get hitched”

Pop Quiz: in which picture are they actually happy?

Here’s to you America!

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