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Friday’s Lack of Luster (or Lustre).

When you’ve been out of work for a month, every weekday is pretty much like the other. I don’t mean this in the “churning cogs of monotony” sense like what you get during a normal work week. I mean this in the same sense that you feel during a summer vacation from college. I’ve had to post a calendar next to my desk so I at least know what day it is. So when I may have once said TGIF, I now say TGIF (but now it means Thank God I’m Free).

Don’t misunderstand me though. I love not being a manager, but I loathe not having a job. A man needs good productive work to occupy his thoughts and days, and that’s why I’ve gotten back on the comic strip.

Anyway, Friday has lost its traditional spotlight as Best Weekday, and I’m finding out that weekends have actually become the one period of the week when I can’t get anything done! How ironic is that? With any luck, this is exactly how my next job will be. Haven’t we all wanted a job that pays us to do what we really want to do?

I always thought that getting a job as an artist would be right up there with spending an evening with Charlize Theron, or finding out that I have superpowers. Now that I’m so near my goal, I’m getting giddy just thinking of the possibilities.

Once I’m a professional artist, I’m going to test my flight abilities.


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