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Hey Jump around. Jump up, jump up and get down

We know from past experience that reviewers pull out the creative stops when a movie dips below a quarter positive. This week’s teen-age teleporter tale (Jumper 6:30/9) pops in at 16%. Expect ruthless mocking, a few mean comparisons and a general attitude of STAY AWAY! Bring on the fun.

“Would you pay full entree price for an appetizer? Well, Jumper is more like the bread you get before the waiter brings the appetizer to your table.” Brian Tallerico The Deadbolt

Hey, I like bread. It’s cheap and usually comes with free water. You’re going to have to do better than the threat of free carbs to scare me away from this one. Didn’t you see the preview? It was awesome!

“A herky-jerky mess of a movie, Jumper leaps about so erratically you get the feeling bent pogo sticks were employed in the editing room.” Tom Long Detroit News

Okay, that just sounds like fun. Who would think to use bent pogo sticks for editing? To some, it’s guano crazy, to others, innovation!

“Logic takes the greatest leap in Jumper, a sci-fi thriller that plays like a frog jacked on steroids.” Peter Howell Toronto Star

“This movie is paced for an audience that grew up multi-tasking and its aesthetic sensibility and depth of story-telling is equivalent to a beer commercial.” Nell Minow Beliefnet

I’m not seeing the downside of amphibian roid-raging fun with beer commercial depth. This movie just keeps sounding better and better. Okay reviewers, I’ve clearly convinced myself to go see this movie, but I’ll give you one last chance to talk me out of it.

“Since there’s nothing popping on the screen apart from the effects, Jumper is a one-trick pony. Yes, it’s a neat trick, but it’s still 90 minutes of pony. ” Alex Markerson E! Online

Hey, I like ponies. See you Wednesday.


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