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Fork in the Road

So, I got laid-off from my job on Friday.

I’ve never been laid-off or anything even closely resembling such an act. While the reasons explained to me were both monetary and logical, I can’t help taking it personally. When I started as an assistant manager at ProPrinting Solutions, I knew nothing of printing presses and only had an innate talent of fixing copiers and an intense desire to not be fired. I learned nearly everything about the business in 15 months. Now for the last year-and-a-half, I’ve been teaching everything I know about the business to the new owner. I’ve dedicated a substantial amount of time and effort into the shop, and all that now counts for nothing.

In spite of that sobering knowledge, this event is a blessing. I am now finally free to pursue a career as a professional artist. What does this mean for you, dear reader? Well, more pretties to look at since I’ll be spending much of this week updating my portfolio. I’ve added a shop page (consisting solely of avatars right now, but more later), and I feel the need to do comics a lot more now. With any luck, the King and I can turn this site into another Three Panel Soul or (if I’m really lucky) a Penny Arcade.

Basically, stay tuned to the site and I’ll do my best to entertain you!

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  1. The world will be a better place with you as an artist rather than an office worker. Let the new day begin.

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