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Requiem of Sanity

Huzzah for new updates!

Hopefully, a few of you stumbled across the new main page on your way to this blog. It was a labor of love and the first lurching step along the path of realization in the King Sheep philosophy. What philosophy is that? Why, it’s a zen philosophy of course. That means that it cannot be directly explained and must be discovered on your own. Amen.

The material covered in the previous week’s comic is a fairly accurate depiction of the creative processes here at King Sheep Productions, at least in its resolution. We may one day give you a glimpse at the dart gun warfare and poker trash-talking, but those are a different worlds entirely. However, I don’t mean to imply that we have the kind of malicious cooperative environment enjoyed by other web comics. We definitely participate in far more Bondage than actual blood-letting.

I’ve also posted a new voting incentive on Coming Distractions in the comics section, so check that out and help us get our score up so we can get “the word” out! Speaking of sketches, I got a new sketchbook a little while ago. Normally, I only go through one sketchbook a year, but freelance jobs are increasing, so I’ll hopefully get back to my adolescent pace of one sketchbook every fiscal quarter.

Choosing a sketchbook for myself is a long and drawn-out (haha!) ceremony similar to the part in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Indy’s staring at the vast collection of cups, trying to pick the Holy Grail. Only, instead of a small chamber in the Valley of the Crescent Moon, I’m in Michael’s. And instead of a thousand-year-old crusader and a couple of Nazis, my companions are slovenly employee with colossal dandruff and a couple of Microsoft engineers. I’ve for some reason developed the need to decorate my books over the last couple of years, so when I saw this certain sketchbook, there was simply no other choice.

Yes, that sticker says “I love Cuties.” My wife put it there, but that doesn’t make it untrue. I believe cuties are one of life’s great joys. As for the rest of it, I did not position the golem in the photo and can thus not be held responsible for my interpretation of its pose. Inspiration struck like an arrow, and I simply followed.

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