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Hello all,

Since two people tried to answer my trivia question (which almost qualifies as a success), we’re trying another one.

Match the now-famous actor to the movie they appeared in as a child.

1. City Slickers
2. Mystic Pizza
3. Goonies
4. It (TV)
5. Bob Roberts
6. The Terminator
7. Critters 3
8. Back to the Future 2

A. Jack Black
B. Elijah Wood
C. Jake Gyllenhaal
D. Seth Green
E. Bill Paxton
F. Josh Brolin
G. Matt Damon
H. Leonardo DiCaprio


2 Responses

  1. Yeesh! Now that was a good one. I wracked my brain for half a day, and still missed Critters 3, City Slickers, It, and Back to the Future 2. I’m pretty sure 4/8 is an F, but maybe I’ll get an F+ for turning in my answers first.

  2. Answers:
    1-City Slickers/Jake Gyllenhaal
    2-Mystic Pizza/Matt Damon
    3-Goonies/Josh Brolin
    4-It/Seth Green
    5-Bob Roberts/Jack Black
    6-The Terminator/Bill Paxton
    7-Critters 3/Leonardo DiCaprio
    8-Back to the Future 2/Eijah Wood

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