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New Year Trivia

Happy New Year everyone. I hope it was filled with holiday merriment and many warm furies (warm fuzzies x2). Personally, I got to spend some quality time with the folks and take in the holiday movie crop. And speaking of movies, to kick start the new year I wanted to offer a new feature to this here blog: Movie Trivia. Every so often I’m hit with the urge to re-watch old movies and put my Patflix collection to use. The other day I had such an urge and was taken aback by how many now-famous people intersected in this film. So, your trivia task: name the movie. Below are four hints to the film, record how many hints it took and post it in your response (if the hints didn’t help and you’re still curious, consult the responses or IMDB)

Hint 1: Luke Wilson, Heather Graham and Tori Spelling were featured in this late 90’s sequel, but never interacted with the cast.

Hint 2: Vern from Stand By Me, Buffy, the law from Deadwood, and Mrs. Bluth-Funke also joined the cast.

Hint 3: None of the people from the hints were in the 1996 original.

Hint 4: It’s the genre with the most maligned sequels.


4 Responses

  1. I only needed hint #1. But then, I’m the master.

  2. Curse you and your masteriness. The next one will be harder! Oh yes, it will be.

  3. i needed seven hints. and i’m still not sure i got it.

  4. The movie is Scream 2, for those of you scratching your heads.

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