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Shock Absorbers

So, what do you think? The new comic archives have been up for a little while, now wonderfully databased and homogenized and uniform of appearance. This is all thanks to the mad genius over at Enisoc, of course. I had been following tutorials and learning both PHP and CSS formatting on my own to make my job of site maintenance easier, but the method of creating a comic archive eluded me until I found the demented midget who created btphp for the benefit of all comic-making mankind. My new knowledge of PHP is also why all the pages on the site now end with that very suffix. Apologies for broken bookmarks.

Also, sorry about the lack of comic updating going on. I got distracted by the site upgrade, and am currently distracted by teaching myself how to paint. In yesterday’s mail, I got my entry form for Spectrum 15 (definition here). Deadline for entries is January, so I’m going to be shuffling priorities a bit, but Coming Distractions will still be updated on Fridays. Sorry, friends, but it looks like Kingdom Heights will be drawing to a close. Ha! Drawing! I pun! Whatever. Anyway, I just don’t have the time to dedicate to two comic strips, and it’s high time I started doing things with my skillz that puts cash-money in my pockets. Simon and the crew have had a good run and will always find their way into my sketches, but the story has reached a good point to call “The End.” I’ll give it one more strip, then call it good.

Out to the Peace.

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