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Week ‘o premieres: round up

Greetings gentle readers,

So last week is over and the new shows are still coming. This week we get the culturally embarrassing Cavemen and the return of the Sarah Silverman Program. However that’s for tomorrow, today is for yesterday’s stuff.

REAPER: A quirky, dark supernatural comedy about the devil’s bounty hunter on earth. The first episode worked on several levels, combining elements of Ghostbusters and Buffy with a little Kevin Smith (who directed the pilot) humor thrown in. Currently, it’s in a race with Bionic Woman for my favorite freshmen series. 10/11

KID NATION: After watching this show, you can see that these children are in serious danger: of winning money! We all know kids can be petty (almost as much as adults) and now they are responsible for giving $20k to a fellow pioneer each week. There is no real danger here, unless parents are worried that kids will learn life lessons without them. The show feels both safe and exploitive at the same time. I find it fascinating, but you might find it gross. Watch at your own risk. 8/11

MOONLIGHT: A vampire detective show that copies Angel but doesn’t include the wit/charm/story (ie. good stuff). I got 20 minutes in and then gave up. Sorry, but this show sucks. 5/11


3 Responses

  1. I’m totally with you on Moonlight. It’s like Magnum P.I. meets Angel only without good writing. In fact, I bet that was the pitch. “My idea is like Magnum P.I. meets Angel. The only problem is I can’t write worth a damn.”

    Also, I think the wonderful combination of How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory on CBS leaves NBCs Chuck in the dust.

  2. Chuck seems to be still figuring out what it wants to be. Apparently the next episode is indicative of the direction the show is heading. As for How I Met Your Mother, I’d like to try it, but my internal slave to continuity prevents me from hopping on. Although, I know I’m a little full of crap because I didn’t start watching Big Bang Theory when it started. Ah well, there’s only so much tv time a man has.

  3. Whoa! That’s enough of the defeatist attitude, young man. You are perfectly able to watch as much tv as you damn well please. I believe in you!

    And I’m VERY excited for tomorrow’s review on Cavemen. Here’s my quick synopsis: If a train hit an abortion the result would be this show. I look forward to your heady thoughts tomorrow.

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