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Premiere Leeks: Day 3

I don’t have an explanation for my title, I just like potato leek soup and thought it deserved a shout out. Now then, onto TV. Sadly Journeyman and Reaper are caught in Tivo limbo at the moment so I’m focusing on the freshest show I’ve seen.

Bionic Woman

If just reading the show’s title makes you a little skeptic, then you and I are in the same demographic boat. I tend to view remakes of dated shows with a cautious eye. It always looks like a gamble. If the creators screw up, all they’ve done is piss off a fan base and add their names to the sorry list of writers/directors whose pride overshadowed their ability. However, every once in a while I’m surprised at how much a reinterpretation can improve and augment a show’s mythos. At their best, remakes distill the elements that translate to modern audiences into potent coolness. Such was the success of Bionic Woman. I can’t argue perfection, but it’s the freshman series to beat and one on the top tier of remakes of all time. The action is fast and impressive, the characters are well-defined and occasionally funny, and the story pulls you in and leaves you wanting more. If you were waiting for a show to take a chance on, this is your best bet so far. 10/11

Next up are leftovers (Journeyman and Reaper) and a few newbies (Kid Nation and Moonlight). Comments: Post ’em if you thought ’em.

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