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premeire weak: day 1

Yes, I know I misspelled ‘week’. It’s meant to be a not-so-subtle commentary on this year’s entertainment gladiators (ie. shows) who are battling each other for my attention. Each year the network marches out a new batch of trying-to-be-hip programs that I view as a second job for a few weeks each year. Basically, I put my butt on the couch so you can save yourself the effort (such as it is). Here’s what I watched last night.

Survivor China: (original air date was Thursday Sept 20) The old warhorse of reality TV is back with a new location and not much else. The new location offers a nice new flavor, but like all reality shows it comes down to the people. This year’s contestants include two pre-packaged television personalities: a professional wrestler and a professional poker player. I am a little annoyed that the fame-making power of Survivor is being milked by people who are already famous. But who cares, their misery will still be my entertainment. Points for a fun cast of misfits and a new location, but if you’ve seen the show, you know what you’re getting. 7/11

Chuck: NBC’s bid for total domination of Monday night began here with the story of a low-ambition mildly-charming computer nerd who gets government secrets stuck in his head. The show feels like the scatterbrained lovechild of the Office and 24, combining crazy action (gun play, explosions, and free-walking) with pop culture humor about mundane jobs. The show’s premise stretches absurdity as much as The Biggest Loser stretches spandex and by the end viewers won’t have a clear idea of what the show will look like from week to week. However if you’re satisfied with more chuckles than laughs and an occasional movie-quality stunt, (plus hot girls in their underwear) then give it a whirl. For viewers who don’t have an empty spot in their viewing schedule, wait and see if this pony has more than one trick. 7/11

Heroes (season 2): The story of extremely good looking ordinary people with super powers begins here, four months after last season’s finale. Generally speaking, the episode was as good as most of last season and laid some foundation for where it will go next. But, if you didn’t like last season or felt that each episode accomplished less than most single issue comics, then you’re SOL. However, if you like the show, you won’t get any reasons to stop liking it. 8/11

Okay, that was Monday. Tuesday will be Journeyman (a hold-over from Monday) and Reaper, the Kevin Smith directed comedy about a kid who becomes Satan’s bounty hunter. Email me if you want me to watch something in particular as I’m willing to try anything once.



3 Responses

  1. Please! Where’s the love for the CBS comedy night? The Cadillac of premieres, if you will! How I Met Your Mother, followed by the far-too-smart-for-its-own-good Big Bang Theory, followed by Two and a Half Men, finished off with the one Spring show I thought would be cancelled within three weeks but made it back for a full season, Rules of Engagement (it’s David Spade AND Patrick Warburton for criminey’s sake!).

    Your public want you to speak on the REAL issues.

    Apropos of nothing, I think of you every time I see the new eBay commercial. Something along the lines of purchasing is more fun when it’s victorious.

  2. Wow, I’m getting rusty. It just took me 13 minutes to find the exact commercial online. I really have no idea why I think of you, but think of you I do:

    It would make a smidge more sense if I thought of you with the state fair commercial. But I only saw that while looking for the one above…

    Good times!

  3. Okay, I watched the clip and I’m trying to think: what about this is like me? My answer? It’s f-ing nuts. Determining who gets an item based on a hail mary football pass? Ebay should totally try that.

    Well, that’s my guess. It’s either that or you think of me when you see gray-haired granny’s jumping around.

    Until I hear otherwise, I’m sticking to my gums…I mean guns. Damn granny’s.

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