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A Little Bit o’ This…

So I’m back, as one may say, from outer space. I had the orgasmic pleasure of being on vacation this past week, and I’ve got to say that it has left me a changed man Regarding Henry style. Nate-before-vacation was a narcissistic grouch whose very glance could kill hope in children, and he did nothing but complain about bad customers, political cock-ups, and the temperature of his scrambled eggs. Nate-after-vacation, however, is a shiningly happy man with his eye on a gleaming future, and a flower and hug for all people great and small. Such is the power of vacation. If you have the means, I highly recommend you pick one up.

This past week, I got a surge in traffic from over around the neighborhood of Patrick Rothfuss’ blog (his link is on the right there). So, in keeping with the spirit, I’m going to link everyone to someone else who deserves attention. He goes by the name Yahtzee Croshaw, but does hilarious video game reviews for The Escapist under the moniker Zero Punctuation. Also, since I heard once that blogs with links get more views than blogs without, here’s his personal website, and here’s something else, and how about three in a row. I think that’s enough links for everyone.

Peace in.


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