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This last weekend was a flurry of activity I’ve not experienced since the “-4 to Perception” haze of Norwescon. I’ll leave out the gory details, but I will say that it involved babies, helicopter pilots, soccer, and 88 cent shirts.

In the end, I was bribed to make the journey over to White Center, an oasis of civilization on the other side of the toxic industrial wasteland southwest of Seattle. There, I finally partook in that most diabolical rapture, the pestilent cheesecake which tempts gamers young and old. Yes, I drank deep from the twisted golden chalice and became the Hero of Guitars.

It was a blinding sight to behold, not because of my skill, but because of the absolute ineptitude with which I assaulted and violated the poor guitar-shaped Xbox controller. However, after an hour and a half of play, I was able to score a 92% success rate. On a five-star song. On Easy.

I do indeed whale hardcore.

Hope your weekend was as much of a blast as mine, and my condolences to those of you who are back in the university trenches. God speed on a safe and perjury-free semester.

Groove out.


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  1. All hail the new guitar god! Nate, you look bitchen to the max squared. On another ‘Nate is awesome’ note, now that Rothfuss’s book is Amazon’s Book of the Year that means your map is ‘map of the year!’ Would you like an extra lump of Swweeeeet with your morning coffee?

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