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The Land of Plenty

So here’s a little bit of a late blog to further engulf Pat’s last post. Catch up, dude!

This last weekend, Becky and I went to Cannon Beach to celebrate a belated anniversary, and the weather was pretty much perfect. Arriving on Friday, it was sunny and clear enough to enjoy a sunset from the beach. Becky had her camera, I had my sketchbook.

In addition to eating far too much food (roughly enough to nourish a medium-sized refugee camp) we also bought some art and other souvenirs. My favorite was an earthenware coffee mug for work.

Note: the proportions shown here are accurate.

The downside? The stupid state of Oregon declared the tidal pools on the beachside of Haystack Rock a “Marine Garden” which means that landlubbing tourists are forthwith prohibited from laying their feet anywhere except “sand or bare rock.” Why? To protect the sea life in those tide pools, of course! Barnacles and anemones are endangered, donchaknow? It’s not like it was an exposed wave-breaking coral reef.

It’s bad enough that we have to put things in cages so we can look at them whenever we want, but now we’re fencing off the world to prevent folks from interacting the natural habitat as well. Did I mention they were also asking for donations to help fund this project?

I donated my lack of respect and general loathing.

So that was my little bit of random activism/renegaderie against the Man, but the remainder of the weekend was terrific. Now, I will hopefullyl be able to finish up the Coming Distractions which is sitting in my sketchbook. See you then!


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