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  1. PS. I hope this ‘post’ gets more comments than any other.

  2. Two so far.

  3. It’s almost tragic. I could spend the time it takes me to ramble on a comment field actually creating a post. Instead, I’m writing a comment that no one will read but us. It’s enough to make a person wonder if I’m crazy or just stupid.

  4. Considering your collegiate status, we can rule out stupidity. Therefore the answer is “Just crazy enough to be dangerous.”

    World beware.

  5. Is this a private gathering?

  6. If by ‘private’ you mean ‘welcoming of Scottish philosophers’ then yes. If you thought ‘private’ means ‘crotch’ then not-so-much.

  7. This may very well be the future of blogging.

    Conversational back and forth in the privacy of a comment board. I have a new word to best describe it: ‘chatting.’ And we’ll call this…a…hmm…’chat room,’ yes, a ‘chat room.’

    Think it’ll catch on?

  8. Absolutely. Plus, people will believe me because I invented the internet.

    Oh and, SUCCESS!! Eight comments and 152 words based on a 1 word post.

    No cheers for me.

  9. ah hell, I’m posting just to have 9 comments.

  10. Sometimes, you have to sign up to leave comments to get it to double digits.

  11. Way to go Diggs! Due to my OCD regarding my own blog, every new comment gets a comment from me. It’s two Two TWO blogs in one!

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