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Alternate Personalities

Occupations of other Nate or Nathan Taylors (according to Google):

Painter (Australia)
Basketweaver (Nantucket)
Child Actor (US)
Thespian (UK)
Track Athlete (Cornell)
Young Republican Chairman (Las Vegas)
Singer/Songwriter (Colorado)
Shipbuilder (UK)
Graphic Designer (Washington)
Security Professional (Denver)
Journalist (Australia)
Wellness Management Grad Student (BSU)
Attorney (Washington DC)
Best Boy Grip (US)
Stuntman (US)
Assistant Location Manager (US)
Fine Artist (Washington)
Musician (California)
Graphic Designer (New York)
Sports Writer (MVN)
Stock Car Racer (US)

That’s right, there are four other Nate Taylors out there who are all artists. Nine, if you count the actors, musicians, and basketweaver. What are the odds? I use this as conclusive scientific proof that if you want your boy to be an artist, naming him “Nathan Taylor” will accomplish that. Or it gives him a 43% chance, at least. The biggest black spot on the Nate Taylors of the world? The former chairman of the Las Vegas Young Republicans (same age as me, incidentally) was in the papers in 2005 for “mishanding” $25,000 and landing himself in some legal hot water. Way to drag us down, Nate.

And now your Zen quote of the day: “Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.” — Mark Twain.


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