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There are a couple of points to get to today in my rambling and megalomaniacal external monologue. Number one is the comics. It’s my nature to feel I owe my readership an explanation whenever I have to shelve the comic that I was promoting for so long. My illustration gig has extended itself to another 20 pictures which will keep me pretty well under ground until mid July. I’ll try to update as often as possible, but things’ll be pretty irregular until then.

Topic two explains the title of this post: I am still engaged in a Kung-fu-esque stand-off with my new tablet. It has the skills I require to achieve my goals, but refuses to dispense them at my request. “Once you can snatch the pixels from my surface,” it offers, “then you will be ready to leave.” Through my trials and online tutorials, I have so far produced this work in progress:

It’s simple, but then again I have only just begun my journey to enlightenment. And thanks to the advent of blogging and mainstream egocentrism, I can detail this tumultuous process step-by-step for all the person who wants to read it.

Groove ahn.


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