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Better Nate Than Lever

This morning’s comic is brought to you by the the letters W and Y. The W is for Wacom because this latest strip was inked and colored thereupon. Is “thereupon” a word? With a Wacom, I can make it one. Such is its power. The Y is for “y did it tak u so long?” in the parlance of our time. The answer to that is: because using a Wacom ain’t like dusting crops, boy.

Lazy artists, like me, who don’t want to teach their drawing hand and arm to use their full range of motion often cheat by turning the sketchbook or other drawing surface until the line they wish to make is aligned with the easiest motion for their arm to make. While I call it “cheating,” it’s so widely used that it isn’t really regarded as such. However, when one is learning to use a tablet, this practice begins to harm rather than help.

Drawing a downward line (especially one skewing to the right) is like performing tantric yoga. Muscles scream and begin to spasm as my body contorts into previously unknown positions. It’s good times, but they’ll get better. They will, or they will be replaced.

In other news, I can’t do a Google search for something as simple as “peanut casings” without coming across 9 blogs about how great The Name of the Wind is. The book is doing well indeed.

Check ya later.


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