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Summer Update

Hello Gentle Readers,

I know I haven’t posted since April (as a good friend reminded me last night), so I thought now would be a good time to fill you in on what’s going on. First off, in about an hour, I’m playing in a $200 poker event on Ulitimate Bet. I tried to warm up with a few sit-and-goes (sngs) but that didn’t go so well. However, I should know better than to play ultra turbos to prepare for long events. So wish me retroactive luck. Also, the most recent draft of my screenplay is complete and currently in the hands of 3 of my 5 readers. Nate and Pat, your’s are going in the mail next week. Also last week my father successfully went through surgery and is now home feeling better. So, all in all, all is well in King-sheep’s world. Last night I had the pleasure of attending a summer meeting of the scotch malt whiskey society of the Palouse. It was lots of drink, eat, laugh finished off with a little outdoor poker. When the evening came to a close, I had the opportunity to drink some Chinese whiskey. It came in this blue porcelain bottle that made it look like an ancient artifact. We pulled the top and gave it a whiff. The owner of the bottle leaned back. It smelled like pig shit. But of course I tasted it anyway. It was like drinking wood alcohol with a fish oil aftertaste. Nasty. So I guess the lesson of the day is, beware of foul smelling whiskey in pretty bottles.




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