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Deadlines ad Infinitum

I’m literally gasping at the surface of an ocean of work right now, coming up for air and paddling frantically. I’ve completed the 25 illustrations required to complete my contract, though a few alterations are being requested.

However, my contract has been extended to another 10 illustrations (due Sunday), and there is talk of pushing the deadline to the next quarter of the year because they’re toying with the idea of having me do another 22 illustrations.

Thankfully, if it is decided that I’ll be doing another big batch of these drawings, I’ve negotiated a much more relaxed production schedule. Doing ten 3-4 hour illustrations per week on top of a full-time job has a way of straining one’s body, mind, and marriage.

I know, I know. All ahead, Whine factor 5!

Whatever the case, you should know that regular updates will begin again after this Sunday. King Sheep and I have been writing strips together (well, he writes them, I tweak them, then he tweaks the tweaks), and I have a few surprises in my magic box that will make this long and very boring wait worthwhile.

I hope you all have big plans to see Pirates 3 this weekend. One hopes it’ll be better than both Spidey 3 and Shrek 3, thus busting the opening weekend record for the third time in a month. So peace out until then.

P.S. – Write something, Pat, so I don’t feel like a blog hog.


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