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Be not afraid! I bring good tidings of great joy!

I regret to inform you, my loyal readers, that there will be no regular Kingdom Heights updates for about the next three weeks.

Due to a rather large illustration job that has been graciously granted to me, I’m going to have to spend approximately every waking moment of the next month working on it. But don’t think for a second that I’m complaining.

Illustration, as an activity, is like the smell of Christmas wrapping paper, warm sun, a triple-fudge sundae with peanuts and whip cream, a birthday party helium buzz, and the lightsaber duel from Empire: thoroughly enjoyable.

But you shouldn’t forget about ol’ King Sheep dot com here.

During my precious few moments of free time, I’ll be combining my powers with Pat to produce Coming Distractions with a new comic every day for the first week of May to commemorate the opening summer movie season.

Expect hilarity, irreverence, and a few things you didn’t think we were capable of.

It all starts tomorrow, so bookmark http://www.king-sheep.com/cdcomic.html and hold onto whatever it is that you’re going to laugh off.


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