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Past and Future Laughs

Oya y’all,

Some of you may have noticed a big blank comic panel on the comics page. I’ll get to that in a second.

First, sorry this week’s been a big ol’ goose egg of comic strip updates, but it’s not entirely my fault. See, first my hard drive tanked, so I had to drag out my back-up drive, install XP, and I’m currently at the phase titled “Attack Pattern Indigo: re-install all vital drivers so my stupid computer knows what to do with its peripherals.”

Not entirely my fault. All of my computer’s internal components are 7 years old (with the exception of a brand spankin’ new video card), but my car is 13 years old and it still works, dammit! Where’s the love?

So, to satisfy folks’ yearnings for some funny, here’s the best I could do with the equipment I have available, and I call it “Humorous Things from a Con.”

Click to Englarge

Now what goes in that blank space on the comics page? Well, the illustrious King Sheep and I have decided to combine our powers and do a comic strip together. It’s going to be good, and you can expect the first strip to appear on May 1st to kick off the summer movie season.

Think of it like the Justice League of America. Sure, Superman and Batman are great in their own right, fighting crime and being just super in general, but when they get together in the JLA, they’re unstoppable. Just like us.

Until then, you’ll have to make do with Kingdom Heights and House Rules.

Love, peace, and hair grease.


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