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Back to the Palouse

I had a wonderfully traditional Easter this year, assuming that all Easters are spent driving across the state and seeing horror movies. I had a nice drive across Washington, catching the amazing mountain views and dodging a few crazy drivers. I played leapfrog with a truck carrying mattresses for over an hour. Then after taking the lead outside Ellensburg, a cop pulled him over. I laughed a little as I zoomed past.

I got home and gave Sarah a big hug. I missed her and given that we didn’t get to see each other on my birthday, it was nice to be back in her loving arms. So then we opened some presents, got dinner, and went to see my birthday movie: Grindhouse! Sweet! Okay, I’ll be posting a review soon but let me just say that this movie is too gross for a lot of people. I was freaked out and I’ve got a pretty strong tolerance. However, despite it making me cridge, I enjoyed the hell out of it. For every “ew gross” moment, there is one that makes you laugh or grin.

Okay, now comes the home stretch of the semester. Papers to grade, meetings to hold and way too much work to be done. I’m sure my next post will be during the throws of hair-pulling.

Laters – KS


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